A Baby & A Boat

8th -21st Feb 2017 – Jolly Harbour, Antigua
Author: Mummy Bear


Day 2 of Baby On Board started very well, the others all got the bus to town (St John’s) so Simon could get the alternator fixed, leaving me on board. For the first time EVER Daisy actually settled herself into a morning & lunchtime nap, unfortunately it was by rubbing her face with Matt’s disgusting sweaty ‘sleep’ shorts but hey I’m not complaining as it allowed me to get quite a bit of unpacking and tidying done.
However I made the mistake of trying to venture out in the afternoon with the dog, so I could pop in and see our friends Karen & Mike at Light House Yacht services. Between the dog yanking me along, trying to cover Daisy from burning UV rays and the wind blowing her hat off every 20 seconds I got rather stressed out. Karen thankfully helped me back to the boat by giving me lift. Once back to the security & shade of the boat it was time to leave the safety of the marina and venture out into the anchorage. Which actually seemed like a doodle after trying to get about in the blazing heat of the sun.

Over the next few days we sat anchored in Jolly Harbour getting acquainted with Daisy, the boat and the Caribbean. This involved washing her, putting on her lifejacket, getting her in and out of the dingy and taking her for swims in the sea. All of which was completely new to us, Simon obviously took it all in his stride but I found it extremely stressful. The little lifejacket was a little bit too big and squished her face when we did it up and trying to wash a slippery screaming wriggle butt with the cold deck shower on the back of the boat was an experience.

Poor Matt & Amy had to witness numerous mummy meltdowns. It was lovely having them to stay I just wish I was in a better place at the time as we were still trying to unpack and organise everything as best we could in the process. Saying our goodbyes was sad as it was nice to have familiar friendly faces for moral support, but it did mean we could make the front cabin into a playroom for Daisy. Finally giving her a room all of her own made us feel like proud parents and it was something we’d missed doing since the day she was born.

As the days passed by we grew in confidence and started to get back into a boat life routine, such as dog walks along the beach, hand washing, meal planning & food shopping. Luckily for us Daisy always falls asleep in the dingy as her lifejacket is like a big hug and the noise of the outboard is the same as the ‘white noise’ we have played her at bedtime since her birth. Our inflatable baby bath is perfect for her evening wash and means no more horrid cold showers! She cat naps throughout the day and generally sleeps 7pm to 6am with 1 or 2 feeds around 3am so Mummy & Daddy get a bit of down time in the evening to have dinner and maybe catch a movie or the latest episode of The Walking Dead. However it’s not always bliss living on a boat in Paradise ………. But that’s for the next post!


5 thoughts on “A Baby & A Boat

  1. Great photos and wow how she’s grown already. Feeling terribly envious of your life on the boat. Especially as it’s pouring with rain here today ! Daisy looks very content and you both look like very proud parents with your little bundle. How is the dog coping with the new addition 🤗 ?


  2. Nice guys! We loved hanging with you… Shall Post back the sleep shorts?


  3. Greetings from Sussex!
    You probably won’t remember us but we met you at Jolly Beach on February 19/20th. My attention was grabbed by seeing Scrumpy, and I was missing my two dogs. I think I asked you ‘how does an English dog come to be on an Antiguan beach?’ I threw the ball for him a bit and we chatted about your eventful journey through 2015/16.
    I’ve spent the evening reading your entire blog, alternating between feeling really envious of what you’re doing (I’m too old now but never would have been brave enough!), and feeling sorry about all the mould and stuff in the most recent post!
    What a great gift you’re giving Daisy! She’s a very lucky girl!
    Good luck for the rest of 2017!
    Sharon Flower


    1. Of course we remember you, can’t believe you read the whole blog I hope you enjoyed it and it was entertaining. Perhaps one day I will write a book. Hope you are both well and not missing Jolly beach too much x Holly x


  4. Really good to see the photos and sounds as if you’re all settling in to Caribbean boat life (takes a while). I admire your adventurous spirits and envy your youthful energy!
    I’ll be heading west from here (Martinique) but hope to see you all again in a year or two! Michael (still on Henrietta and following your updates)


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