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Ahoy Shipmates

We were just an in love couple of idiots from Bristol, who quit our jobs to follow Simons life long dream of sailing around the world.The plan was to escape the rat race & sail towards the sun, enjoying a simple and stress free life whilst sipping rum.
In April 2014 Simon bought a 37 foot Yacht named Tudor Rose, neither of us knew how to sail but 16 months on after many weekends & holidays on the boat we moved on board all set to make our sailing dream a reality.We sailed down France, Spain, Portugal, to the Canaries where we made the 3000 mile passage across the Atlantic Ocean to Saint Lucia.
Clearly all the rum went to our heads because 6 months into our trip and only 6 weeks after arriving in the Caribbean we found out we were expecting our first child. Now our baby Daughter Daisy is the newest member of the crew living onboard with us.

This blog is to track our journey capturing photos, experiences & emotions so that friends, family & anyone who cares can follow us. We hope you enjoy it!

Simon, Holly, Daisy & Scrumpy Dog xxx

14 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Sir Scrumpleton Scratbag the 1st,
    Great News to hear you have earned your 4 sea legs, we are all proud of you and will miss you lots, always a warm bed waiting for you at our house.
    Barry, Bev and Oli xxx


  2. I love reading this blog! What heros! You should definitely write a book when you’re back because it sounds absolutely amazing. Best of luck for your hop across the pond 🙂


  3. Thanks James glad your reading, make sure you spread the word we are trying to make Scrumpy famous!!!! x


  4. Hi guys,

    Looks like your yomping along!!!
    Has Matty stopped throwing up yet??!
    Dad (Steve) says we will hop on Renaissance and meet you there!!!
    Good luck keep safe.
    Steve & Gail aka Matt’s mum & dad


  5. Hi guys, forgot the name of your blog but a search on google for scrumpy dog found it. Congrats on the baby. I plan to cross the pond in 9 weeks. Who knows might bump into you guys again. Ps: your description of cedeira made me chuckle arse end of nowhere iirc.

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    1. Hi Kevin, Ha we always talk about you and wonder how you are getting on and if you ever left for the west. Cedeira was a funny place, our stay was made worse with that storm keeping us stuck there. Johnson63812@gmail.com, drop me an email when you get a chance, and we will have a good catch up. Hopefully see each other too once you arrive.


  6. Yo simon, holly &srumpy, sent you guys an email my addy is linuxuser119@gmail.com


  7. Not long now and you will be back on the water. Hope all goes well with the transition from land to sea with baby Daisy. Im sure it will have it’s teething problems but hang in there and I’m sure it will come good. Best wishes Tracey off Why Not xx


  8. Hey guys! It’s Joanie and Eric on Blu Moon. Where are you? Would love to catch up!


  9. Have a great sail guys

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    1. LinuxUser119 . May 24, 2017 — 1:56 pm

      Arrived St Lucia Jan 28th Kevin


      1. Hi Kev, we have emailed you numerous times in the last few months. We were getting worried. Where are you now? Would be good to meet up


      2. LinuxUser119 . May 28, 2017 — 5:18 pm

        yo guys, I’m still in Rodney bay. Would love to meet up some time. Kevin


      3. LinuxUser119 . May 30, 2017 — 3:23 pm

        yo Simon Holly Daisy and Scrumptiouslyratbag, I killed my phone shortly after arriving, so couldn’t check emails until I bought an​ android tablet last month. I also killed my engine 3 days out of Sal, so if you want me to come to you, can you give me an easy anchorage I can sail into? Rodney bay was easy, so something similar, or do you guys wanna come here. All the best Kevin


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