Photos 1

We have hundreds of photos from our trip and the internet in these small costal towns is useless, so we cannot upload them with the Posts we put up. So we will do them week by week when the internet lets us. Heres week one.

Falmouth and the Channel crossing

IMG_1346 IMG_1373 IMG_1378 IMG_1379 IMG_1371 IMG_1380

IMG_2530 IMG_2525 IMG_2521

L’Aber Wrac’H

IMG_1405 IMG_1394IMG_2530

The Misty Sail to Camaret and all its wonders

IMG_0009 IMG_1364 11909741_10153056653225823_181997182_n 11896969_10153056653350823_590055658_n 11911065_10153056652795823_704245681_n 11903495_10153056652780823_108724104_n 11910635_10153056653075823_353439722_n 11913579_10153056653390823_165600850_n

A sunny windless day to Audierne

11873998_10153056653380823_1715906887_n IMG_1418 IMG_0015 11911105_10153056652600823_958114328_n


4 thoughts on “Photos 1

  1. Awesome! Fair play!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Looks awesome, that crab is massive. Miss you guys. xx


    1. Miss u too carrie Anne woods!!! Tell us when Ur holiday dates are & we can try and work out where we will be!!!! Xxx


  3. Jan Recknell-Turner August 23, 2015 — 8:21 am

    Crab looks big enough to eat you!


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