Meet the trusty crew

Version 2Captain Simon Johnson

He started knowing nothing & now he services the engine, fixes the electrics, paints the hull, fits upgrades & if he doesn’t know how to do it he’s only a YouTube video away from learning how. He’s tends to do the navigating and journey planning and is also responsible for for Health & Safety on board, always striving to set a good example!
Basically he does the ‘man’ stuff & pulling up the anchor is his favourite job particularly if we need to do it a few times.

Version 21st Mate Holly Turner

She is the main helmsman, taking the wheel on the Tudor Rose during anchoring and berthing. Responsible for pilotage, but she’s also the on board cook so takes care of all the provisioning and galley hygiene. A dab hand on the sewing machine she’s made cockpit cushions, courtesy flags & even mends the sails. These days she tends to be very busy with the baby bean, so is on reduced duties (yeah right!).


Deckhand Daisy Rebel

The newest member of crew on board she is responsible for morning wake up calls and quality control. Her expertise for testing boat equipment is second to none and uses taste & touch alone. We can’t remember what life was like onboard before she came!


Crew Scrumpy Dog

Head of security Scrumpy is always on the look out raising the alarm if anything falls overboard & letting us know when we have visitors. He’s the first to inform us if there is wildlife in the vicinity and is extra excited when we have dolphins for company. The coxn of the dingy, he loves to ride up front & show off his balancing skills to everyone in

the anchorage. Hobbies include beach walks, fishing, ball chasing & swimming, but is rather partial to mongoose, crab & lizard hunting.
Dislikes cats & loud noises.


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