An Important Message

20 February 2018

Simon and I are absolutely loving this trip up the US East Coast, seeing new and interesting places full of history, wildlife and different foods and cultures. In two and half months we have visited 3 states and stopped at 27 different towns/anchorages, meeting new people but never staying long enough to really get to know anyone. Moving every couple of days and sometimes everyday I am beginning to feel like a Nomad. Drifting from one stop to the next. As much as I’m enjoying this adventure deep down something is missing.

Having Daisy and becoming a parent has completely changed my perspective on family, particularly my mum. At the start of the sailing trip being so far away was never a big deal, content with Simon for company and the odd phone call home. Now I am mother I see first hand what my parents went through to raise me; the blood, sweat, tears, dedication and sleepless nights. I know what it is to be truly selfless, to put another humans wants and needs before my own. To instinctively feel the need to love, nurture and ALWAYS be there no matter what.

Giving Daisy the best start in life is paramount and living on a boat spending quality time as family is doing that. Getting back to basics, limiting access to wifi, social media and smartphones allowing us to embrace the great outdoors. She may not remember it all but guaranteed it is all working towards building strength of character and confidence. But …people and relationships are also a big part of that too. I miss having some stability and other folks in my life who aren’t just random strangers. Therefore, Simon and I have already decided that after the USA its time to head back home for a bit.

Our families are missing out on watching Daisy grow and I owe it my parents to make some sacrifices after all they have sacrificed enough for me over the years.

This evening I found out (ironically through Facebook) that a close family friend past away from the dreaded C word, Cancer. Liz was the daughter of my Nanna’s close friend Jean. I’d known her since day dot, she watched me grow up and I was at her wedding. Knocking at her house after school was a common occurrence and weekends I’d babysat her children. My family often stayed at her parent’s house in Sussex, we all went on holidays and drank mulled wine together at Christmas. As the years past her parents and my Nanna grew old until time got the better of them. Distance drifted between us but we never lost contact. Whilst in England so many times I vowed to drop in with Daisy and say hi but ‘life’ got in the way.

This blog can sometimes seem very self indulgent and recently I feel its becoming more mundane and less inspirational. Like who really gives a shit about where in the world I am and that I saw a big Christmas tree or went to Miami Zoo. Why am I so important that people want to read about me, other than letting family and friends know what we’re up to and satisfying some people’s curiosity? Well this time I want this blog post to make a difference even if it’s to one day in one person’s life.

Think about the amount of time you spend per week scrolling through crap on a laptop, smartphone or tablet and think about all the times that you said ‘I must pop and see so and so’ but life keeps getting in the way. People and legacies are the only important thing we leave behind, when we’re long gone all that is left is the memories they have of us. Memories which they can pass on down to their children and their children’s children.

That laundry or housework isn’t going anywhere, the hovering can wait until tomorrow. Would it be that difficult to switch off your TV and your mobile phone and go visit that person your always meaning to, one day the choice might not be there.

Raising a glass to you Liz, you touched my life with such fun happy memories that I will never forget. Goodbye ……..for now xxx


1 thought on “An Important Message

  1. Raising a glass to Liz.


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