The Last Broadcast – Atlantic Crossing!!!!

Well guys & girls just a quick post before we leave so this one is short! We’ve had lots of visitors including Simon’s friend Dez and my parents who brought us more supplies mainly stuff we’d ordered from eBay for our crossing preps. Simon’s brother Chris & his mate Matty are now both here and settled in on board ready to start one of the biggest adventures of our lives. Although I think its safe to say we are all pretty relaxed about it & the time we’ve spent here talking to so many people who have done it has helped. That and the fact its called the ‘milk run’ however we are not complacent and all have safety at the for front of our minds so don’t you lot be worrying about us!!!

We have all just stuffed a big Burger King and are once we leave the internet cafe we’ll be heading back to the boat & pulling up the anchor. The next time we will be setting it down again will be in ST LUCIA in about 21-26 DAYS after sailing 2700 MILES!!!!!! See you all on the other side, where hopefully we’ll have stories of whales & giant Tuna!!!!
You can track us if you go to the website and click on ‘where on earth’ this will take you to a link that shows where we are and we’ll be updating our location daily with our Sat Phone
Peace Out & enjoy your days job 😉 xxx
Bet thank you very much for sending across Simon’s post & the present we will enjoy treating ourselves for Christmas x
Mum & Dad thanks so much for visiting, bringing all our stuff & giving me enough for a few more months on the boat love you XxX

6 thoughts on “The Last Broadcast – Atlantic Crossing!!!!

  1. Good luck !
    Lots of love Karen and Clive xx


  2. Jan Recknell-Turner November 21, 2015 — 10:54 pm

    Great to visit you and watch you slaving away at all the preparations, while we sunbathed and swam. You have our admiration.. Enjoyed the massive
    Chinese meal with you on our last night. Good Luck again All our love Mum and Dad xxxxxxxxxx


  3. Good luck and stay safe and well x


  4. Good luck Gingerbeard (Chris) and chums! Wishing you a safe and rum filed crossing! Try and find me a nice beach for my next holiday will ya? 🙂 Enjoy


  5. OOO well done guys


  6. So proud of you all , well done guys enjoy Christmas in the Carribbean lots of love mum and Barry xxx


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