Baby Boat Hobo – Daisy Bean

SO it’s been a while since our last blog post, 5 months to be exact. Firstly because there really wasn’t anything interesting to tell you once we go back to normality and secondly since October we just haven’t had time. Who knew a child (more to the point a baby) took up so much time…. well parents obviously! We were warned but its not until you experience it that you realise.

For those of you who don’t already know which is mainly anyone who isn’t friends with us on Facebook, on Tuesday 11th October 2016 at 04:54am after 3 days of trying induce labour our little girl Daisy Rebel Johnson was born by caesarean section (13 days after her due date).
For the first few weeks it was an emotional rollercoaster of ups and downs, finding our feet as new parents but now 13 weeks in we still have no idea WTF we are doing ha ha!!!! Obviously that’s not true, we have grown in confidence and are smitten, but as any parent knows its not all plain sailing.
We are very lucky that Daisy is a pretty good sleeper, but she seems to have taken on some traits from my side (her mother) and can sometimes be a bit of a whinge bag. However she definitely has her father’s appetite…..!

The main trait that stands out is that she doesn’t like to sit still for very long and needs to constantly be on the move, which bodes well considering she will soon be living on a boat! It must have been all that sailing I did during the pregnancy. In 3 weeks & 3 days she will formally become a fully-fledged member of the Boats Hobos. Leaving will be bitter sweet, as we are looking forward to returning to our home but very sad to say our goodbyes to friends & in particular our family as we know they will miss Daisy. I am also petrified about protecting Daisy from the sun, heat, mosquitoes & water and also having to adjust her to whole new routine ….. so stay tuned if you want to know how we get on!

Version 2
Daisy Bean – 3 Months Old 

Thanks & Special Thanks

We have been completely overwhelmed by the generosity of people, Daisy has been spoilt rotten and we would like to formally thank the following:

Rachel & Clare Corrigan                                     Uncle Chris & Aunty Kerry
Michelle Bevis                                                       Oliver & Gemma
Sian Helen Donna Kebab                                   Michael & Helen
Kellie Rutledge                                                      Kathy, Daniella, Francesca & Family
Hana & Rob                                                             Deana, Russell & Boo
Dione, James, Isla & Henners                            Julie & Ian Seedel
George Bessell                                                        Becca & Michael
Rhianna Williams                                                  Ellis Stanyon & the boys
Andrea & Bungle                                                    Yvonne Turrell
Trisa & Pete                                                              Matt & Amy Kingston
Jackie & Robert Smyth                                          Jo & Erica
Nicky & Mike Reeves                                             Ant & Maria
Sylvia & John (avid blog followers!)                  Louise Ashcroft
Sue & David (IOW)                                                   Julie, Julian, Jamey, Kayleigh
Vivien & Victoria                                                      Hana & Angelina
Ciara, Bryan Aoife & Eryn                                     Amy, Renee, Teddy & Frances
Tabs, Christian, Max, Isaac & Eden                   Samantha Recknell
Nichola, Sidney & Sonney                                     Karen & Clive
Jean & Bob James                                                     Aunty Dawn & Uncle Russell
Joe, Stacey & Zoe (The Dysfunctionals)            Carrie, Andrew & Missy Moo
Mary Crane                                                                Christine Stirling
Judy & Peter                                                               Barbara. Tanya & Alex
Clem, Graydon, Florence, Freya & Freddie      Simon, Sally, Jack & Charlotte

Special thanks to

Nanna Janet & Granddad Paul
for putting up with us and all our stuff, letting us use their water, taking the car, drowning us in baby stuff, looking after Scrumpy Dog ….the list is endless!
Nanny Bev & Barry
for always giving up their lazy boy sofa, spoiling Daisy rotten & a wonderfully unforgettable first Christmas (& amazing dinner!)
Granddad Mike & Dee
For their very generous gift, which will help towards boat improvements for Daisy
Uncle Sethy (Mark & Max)
For bringing a blow up bed to the hospital, spoiling me with lots of presents & trying to give mummy & Daddy a break (even though I just moan!)
Nanna Val
For the SleepyHead bed, Daisy enjoys lots of naps in it!
Bernie, Lizzie, Monty, Poppy & Barney
For their very kind words & supportive and amazing generosity giving us an awesome car seat, baby carrier & kitting out Bean Bag out in some designer labels!
Katrina Austen
For being my pregnancy buddy & listening to my constant ramblings. Plus the boaty baby stuff
Andrea Buckley for bringing us take-aways to hospital.
Anne & Richard Scott + Becky Collins & Family for a very thoughtful First Aid Kit & Thermometer
Dione Jarvis my #BreastFriend

*If I have missed anyone then I completely apologies I have tried to remember everyone!!!!!




5 thoughts on “Baby Boat Hobo – Daisy Bean

  1. She’s beautiful and I hope she has got sea legs :-))
    Hopefully meet her the next time you step onto English shores !
    Sale safely and looking forward to more photos.
    Best wishes, Deana, Russel & Boo x


    1. Thanks so much, lot more photos to follow for sure!!!! x


  2. Good luck Holly and Simon, hope the transition of baby Daisy on board goes smoothly. Will look out for Tudor Rose on our travels around the Caribbean- Tracey and Richard off s/v Why Not


    1. Definitely keep an eye out for us, what are your sailing plans? We need some fishing tips off Richard!!!! Looking forward to getting back to some sort of normality… which probably seems odd to land dwellers. Hope your both well xx


      1. Hi Simon & Holly, we are heading South when we finally leave Antiguia. The summer has been very harsh on the boat which seems to be a common complaint here. The heat has played havoc with everything. Sorting batteries at the moment. Seen quite a few people in Falmouth and Jolly. Eupraxia, Ruby Rose, Four Seasons and Emily Morgan. Been great to catch up with familiar faces again. Like home from home :). We will be coming back to Antigua for the sailing week in April and to put the boat to bed in May. I saw a family in Jolly last night that reminded me of your little family. A couple with a baby in arms and a little boy of about 5 and a black lab. They had rigged a swing for him off the fore sail, with a fender as the seat. I guess you will grow with these ideas to keep the kids entertained. Looking forward to following your travels and hope we meet up when u get out here. Safe travels x


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