Chopped Liver (Boca Raton, Florida)

Boca Raton, FLORIDA – ICW Mile Marker 1048

(20 – 22 Dec 2017)

This place reminded us of the Desperate Housewives of Wisteria Lane. Most people who live in ‘Boca’ aren’t actually natives and many come down from New York. It was super posh with one of the wealthiest communities in south Florida and a well-known holiday destination for US citizens (& The Sopranos!).
A strict development code is in place for the size and types of commercial buildings, signs and advertisements that maybe erected within the city limits so it’s clear they want it to have a certain look. That become obvious while wondering around as every shop front is an exact carbon copy of the next and Walmart has been blocked from opening a store here.

Mizner Park our daily hangout

While here we meet up with some of my mum’s friends, Harvey, Judy, Donna and Les were New Yorkers who spent winters down south escaping the cold. With our goal of making it to the Big Apple they decided to take us to Junior’s restaurant a chain that began in downtown Brooklyn. Les insisted we try the chopped liver but it didn’t sound very appetising to me. Imagining some sort of hacked up bland looking grey sautéed liver and onions we were pleasantly surprised when the waiter brought out a kind of pate with French toast and side of pickles n beets.
Lunch was lovely and we had a great time answering all their questions about the trip and living on a boat, unfortunately Simon had to do most of the talking while I chased around a particularly restless Daisy. Long gone are the days of deep conversations over leisurely meals now we’re parents!

Post Lunch Photo at Juniors 

Most of our time here was spent at Mizner Park a luxury out door shopping mall with a long garden running down the centre. It had a little pitch and putt golf green free of charge, benches, fountains and a bandstand. Simon and I loved looking in the classy kitchen and homeware shops especially Sugarboo & Co dreaming of all the things we could have if we lived in a house. Ice-cream parlours, sweet shops this place had it all, but best of all it had the most amazing Christmas tree and decorations. Daisy loved watching the evening lightshow and dancing to music while Scrumpy impressed the locals with his stick fetching skills.

Staying here a few days longer would have been nice but it wasn’t great for grocery shopping, so headed 26 miles (through 11 pain in the ass bridges) to West Palm Beach. It had been recommended as a great place to spend Christmas and with a choice of supermarkets we could stock up on naughty festive treats.

Daisy’s Toy Soldier
Huge Christmas Tree

2 thoughts on “Chopped Liver (Boca Raton, Florida)

  1. Hi Holly

    I just wondered if you got my message about taking dogs into the States? We rescued a dog in Grenada and taking her to the UK with us. We just can’t seem to find the info on taking her to the USA. I am getting so much conflicting advice and you are the only people i know who have done it recently. Do we must turn up with her vaccine records and health certificate or have to apply for a permit?

    Best wishes


    1. Hi Jayne I replied to your previous comment on another post did you get it?


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