We survived a night at anchor!

Audierne – Benodet (33 Miles / 7 Hours)

We decided to get up nice and early at half 6 to get a full days sailing in, that and the fact Simon couldn’t sleep for fear of the anchor not holding us….he kept expecting a scene from the titanic….
Bon Petit La Chien (our new nickname for Sir Scrumpington) was taken ashore for his morning usual & the local fisherman took to him straight away, trying to stow him away as their mascot. It is worth getting up early just to see the sunrise and today we were welcomed by the prettiest we’d seen so far.
We managed a good few hours sailing, with the aim of reaching Port Tudy a port on a little French island. We were doing a good 5 knots & even overtook someone else…which must have been a good sign! We rounded a section of headland which meant the wind direction wasn’t in our favour so the plan was to sail out to sea & then tack back in (a zig zag for all you non sailors). As per usual the forecast had deceived us, the wind dropped and with 35 miles left to go we decided on Plan B a contingency port a lot closer. This turned out to be a good choice as Benodet was lovely, it reminded us of a cute petit Seaside resort, without all the chavyness of Butlins, a funfair & a greasy burger van!
There was a long stretch of beach with various French men donning speedos & playing paddle ball and a promenade with little beach huts, although surprisingly not as pretty as English beach huts. After walking La Chien we decided it was about time we had some mummy & daddy time so we left him on the boat & treated ourselves to our first restaurant meal since Portland! I ordered an ice cold Stella Artois & Moules Frites ….Simon ordered… a large pizza, a spaggetti Bolongnaise & a portion of frites! The waitress looking confused was reassured by Simon ‘yes this IS all for ME!’ Talk about carb overload, The Only way is Essex would be having kittens, luckily we had no intention of visiting marbs!

1 thought on “We survived a night at anchor!

  1. Jan Recknell-Turner August 18, 2015 — 10:26 pm

    Greedy whatsit Simon! Glad to,hear your sailing sometimes and not using motor. I loved the crab pic, looked like it might eat you!


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