Boat Life Quickie (Birthday Boy)

The 21st of September was as most of you will know my birthday….I turned 25 🙂 thanks for all the best wishes I received……and a huge thanks to mum and dad who have allowed us to slip away from the budget and let us enjoy ourselves with some big meals and drinks out. We’ve had one, which was a massive glutenous Chinese that I have been craving for 7 weeks, just spacing the second on out so we have something to look forward to in Portugal.
Despite the fact we are confined to a tiny boat the day was amazing, with presents, chocolate, glorious sun, the amazing La Coruna, showers, electricity, lush food and of course a secretly (Kind of) baked carrot cake by Holly.
Thank you everyone!
IMG_0114 IMG_0281 IMG_0303 IMG_0313 IMG_0288 IMG_1619

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