Thanks Bev’s…….Peniche – Cascais – Lisbon

Peniche – Cascias
After an amazing 24 hour SAIL, the wind did decide to stay but unfortunately it was dead on the nose. We could have attempted the old tacking routine but with 45 miles to Cascias and our deadline to Lisbon looming in all honesty we couldn’t be bothered with the hassle, so we chose the easy option and motored! I do feel like this was the pussy’s way out but there was also yet another storm on its way so we figured it was the safer option. Later on we felt this was definitely the right choice ……. but you have to stayed tuned to hear about it!
It was a nice sunny day, but it did get a little rough at one point as the wind picked up during the day. I panicked thinking the storm had come early but luckily it soon died off again. As we approached the harbour wall we past a very pretty blue & white lighthouse and the sun was beginning to set behind the marina. Cascais looked absolutely beautiful compared to Peniche and we were feeling pleased as punch to be spending a few days here. Simon called the marina office a few times on the radio but to no answer, then an English voice replied back to us stating ‘Tudor Rose Tudor Rose I got here half an hour ago and Im still waiting on the visitors pontoon, think they are pretty inefficient here!’ …… we both laughed expecting awful service but the office must have heard this criticism as they were on the pontoon ready & waiting for us, so perhaps our fellow boatie must have just been unlucky.
Next to us was a very nice friendly Dutch couple, the lady adored Scrumpy Scrumpalicious and a good job too because every time our backs were turned he was on their boat peering inside through the companion way (front door…. well only door!). We figured he must be sick of the sight of our faces and fancied some alternative company. The storm we’d anticipated hit late Friday evening and stayed for most of Saturday, but despite the wet weather Cascais was lovely. It appears to be a popular holiday destination so there are quite a few English bars & Indian restaurants, but it is a pretty town with cobbled streets, attractive buildings and sandy ‘dog friendly’ beaches (despite the no dogs sign). We wondered around the town taking photos, regularly bumping into our Dutch friends who informed us of a fruit & veg market. There was also a giant supermarket called Jumbo where we picked up a €12.99 fan to get rid of the dreaded mozzie’s, apparently it stops them landing on you!
We’d been keeping up to date on Shavora’s whereabouts through Facebook (The Shavora Project) and were expecting Jacqui & Freddie into Cascais so we kept an eye out on the anchorage but couldn’t see them. We did however see Michael Sweet on Henrietta (, who we’d met in Muros and seen in Viana Do Castelo, but unfortunately didn’t see him ashore to say hello. On Saturday we decided to treat ourselves to a date night meal out, but ended having a ‘drunk’ date night instead which was way more fun …although I did have to virtually carry Simon home….. these Portuguese measures are nothing like the UK ones!
On Sunday I had to nurse Simon’s hangover ALL DAY which involved walking the dog via the beach to Pizza Hut. It was just like the days when we first met and I used to bring him McDonalds to cure his hangovers. Anyway the pizza didn’t help and flounced around in bed most of the afternoon. This was when I saw that Shavora had finally made it here after a very emotional 60 hour sail in the dreaded storm, to cut a long story short they were 4km from the anchorage after 36 hours sailing and their engine wouldn’t start, they attempted to sail in but with that dreaded wind on the nose they just couldn’t get here….they even tried going out to sea for 16 miles only to tack back in making no progress! They ended up having to sail back out and spend 24 hours riding out the storm! Fair play to them for getting through without going stir crazy (bar Jacqui’s temporary tree hugging when she got ashore), they are more experienced because of it but not a nice situation to be in. We really felt for them. We enjoyed catching up with them in the local bar, before heading back to the boat to sail across to Lisbon
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11-13 Oct 2015
Cascais – Lisbon
We set off about 5pm, and with only 11 miles to go until the planned marina, we were expecting only 2 hours at sea. We sailed for the first part until rounding the corner into the Lisbon River, unfortunately Simon’s expert tide checking skills were forgotten about today as we struggled agains 4 Kts of tide for the next 3 hours. We only had 6 miles to go up the river, but it took 3 1/2 hours going only 1 mile an hour at times. Not what we needed with the remains of this hangover still looming. Finally we arrived at the Marina with no signs of life, but it was nearly 10 o clock, this did mean we could choose any berth we like, so moored up on the pontoon with 50 – 60 foot yachts meaning they we sturdy as hell, and finally for a nights sleep where we didn’t move an inch,  both looking forward to tomorrows trip to the cruise ship.
We woke up early so we could have a full day, and starting walking along the river to the cruise ship docs, another error with navigation, as it was a good 2 miles from our Marina. Halfway through the walk we threw in the towel and hailed a taxi….on arriving I was taken back by just how big the ship was, and we were greeting in the customs office by a smily faced Michelle Bevis surrounded by pensioners.
We had to hand in our passports and in return we were given name badges for the day, not before having to disinfect our hands for the third time before actually being allowed on board. First things first, off to the restaurant for a full English breakfast, some may say that Simon went over the top but he disagrees.
It was great to be united again with Bevis, I spent year playing rugby with her and I miss our annual trips to Newquay.  The kings cup in Sailors’ was one of my favourite nights ….unfortunately the rest of you will have to use your imaginations for this story! If Sian Kerese were here the 3 amigos would be reunited! She gave us the guided tour of giant floating hotel, with swimming pools, gym, treatment centre, hairdressers, restaurants, bars … couldn’t be further from our lives on board the Tudor Rose. It was great to get to see Bev’s life on board too and after the tour we enjoyed a cider and good catch up. She told us that this is was in fact one of the smallest cruise ships in the Fleet!
We went back to Bev’s cabin to pick up all our goodies that she brought us all the way from the UK 12 days ago. We had totally under estimated the amount of stuff only bring 2 back packs with us; 28 packs of dog, 3 bottles of Sriracha Chilli Sauce, 10 dog bones, 5 dog toys, 1 bottle of Sailor Jerrys, 1kg of cheddar cheese, 2 pack of ENGLISH bacon, 4 packs of hair dye….the list goes on! Then to top it off she had also thrown in 4 packs of 500g Haribo!!!! Simon mum had sent her some stuff to bring as well including a very important Rabies (free) certificate for Scrumpy Dog. It was like Christmas had come early.
Unfortunately she was only in Port for 6 hours so at 14:30 we had to say our goodbyes 😦 , However not before Simon and I both stepped in some newly painted deck on board, unlike the RN this ship was hot on their husbandry!!!! This was a school boy error on Holly’s part considering she worked on ships during maintenance periods!!! We hugged farewell hoping to cross paths again in Tenerife and set of for the 2 mile yomp back to the marina! ……& back to show Scample Doodles all his treats.
MASSIVE MASSIVE MASSIVE thanks to Bev Johnson for our package and for Michelle Bevis for all our supplies & treats. We owe you big time lots of love Simon, Holly & Scrumpy XxX
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