Happy Sunday Everyone

Sunday 4th June 2017 – Antigua – Hermitage Bay

Yesterday was one of those wet Caribbean monsoon days, the heavens opened up and poured down. The air was hot, moist and muggy, making us sticky and uncomfortable. Water leaked into the boat through window seals and hatches, soaked cushions and floors turning them into slippery death traps. The Dog hairs and sand which cover the boat stuck to everything that was wet, including our feet and clammy bodies. I must sweep up & hoover 2 times a day but when you walk a dog on a beach every day its impossible to keep on top off.
Today Sunday couldn’t be more different, the sun is shining hot and bright, the air feels clean and fresh, the rain has washed away the humidity with it. As I walk Scrumpy along the white sandy beach mid morning I see an old local man, he looks a little out of place in his worn out crocs, dusty jeans and a dirty grey T-shirt thrown over his shoulder as we on the shore of a exclusive holiday resort called Hermitage Bay. People pay $1500 US dollars to stay here per night, and indulge on rich food while being waited on hand and foot. They probably never leave this complex or venture out to see what Antigua is really like. On the weekend many locals congregate on the western side of the beach away from the hotel complex and swim in the calm protected waters of the bay, enjoying salt fish and rum. I often see mothers bring their babies down and dunk them in the refreshing salt water. Babies as young as a month or 2, and its seems so natural. It makes me laugh when I think back to when I was advised by some UK baby swimming classes that I shouldn’t dunk Daisy in sea water and stick to a chlorine filled swimming pool. The typical overprotective nanny culture that we westerners live in.
Anyway I digress, I made some friendly chit chat wit the local man, I struggled a little with his accent but I get the gist. He asks me where I am from and tells me he has over 14 children many named after British monarchy. We talk a little of the Atlantic Crossing and after a while I make my excuses and go on my way. Before heading back to the boat I decide I should make the most of my short time away from Mummy duties so take a dip in the sea. Not originally planning on swimming i am in lace french knickers and a nursing sleep bra rather than a bikini but theres no one around. Scrumpy dog paddles about with me fetching his ball. Theres a nice cool breeze and the water is turquoise and flat calm. The sky is pale blue and a few white fluffy clouds that hang around as if with no where else to be, their huge shadows reining down on the luscious green hills that surround the bay. I spend a few minutes relaxing and taking it all in. What a spectacular view, what a gorgeous day in the Caribbean and what a lucky girl I am ……. Happy Sunday Everyone.

(The first blog post I have ever written real time, had one of the writers moments and had to get it down!)


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