POEM: The Captain of The Tudor Rose 

Simon Richard Johnson is the Captain of the Tudor Rose, You can tell he is a boat hobo by his random choice of clothes 
No lapels of gold sit on his shoulders nor does he wear a suit, But he carries a tatty claymore pouch which contains his fags & loot

Over a sweaty faded t-shirt from his days in the Royal Marines, and a ripped up pair of Adidas shorts which he rarely ever cleans! 

The final touch are some sailing boots which complete his ‘weirdo’ look, but he’s not bothered what he looks like cos he doesn’t give a fook.

A simple man is Simon or ‘Jono’ to his mates, but he is a fussy eater with some rather odd habits & traits.

Just like his fear of stickers & making strange noises when he eats, and his razor blade sharpe toe nails which he chews off with his teeth. 

He smokes tabs like he’s a chimney & his vice is dark spiced rum, although he’s known to dabble on the internet & there’s no limit to his ‘fun’! 

A life a sea has been his dream for as long as he can remember, as a normal job working 9-5 he never would surrender. 

He’s currently a boat hobo and the Captain of the Tudor Rose, fulfilling his life long ambition in his random choice of clothes!!!!!! 

Below: The skanky t-shirt is hidden under his jumper in this photo
Below: Simon is the picture of safety with ropes hanging around his neck after going ashore in the dingy to the chandlery for some new rigging! 



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