The waiting Game – Sines, Portugal 

Hi all, quick update. We left Cascais yesterday & sailed 50 miles to Sines the wind was perfect and we were smashing out 7 knots for about 6-7 hours. It picked up quite a bit toward the end and moved around to front of the boat so it did get a little uncomfortable as we were heeling over quite a bit! 

It look about 10 hours in total and we arrived in the anchorage where Shavora was already waiting! Shortly after our friend Paul turned up on Falcons Flight and we invited him over dinner as he arrived quite late, so thought he would appreciate a warm dinner waiting for him! This would also be the last time we saw each other as he was heading down to The Algarve. 

So now we are just waiting for a good weather window to cross to Gran Canaria as it isn’t worth going any further down Portugal. We are planning to cross with Shavora as we feel doing it together will provide some moral support! Hopefully we’ll be able to let you know when we leave ….. Watch this space! 

P.s Simon also lost his phone in the oggin while walking Scrumpy so it is currently swimming with the fishes along with our sun shower that was left on the deck when we left Cascais! 


3 thoughts on “The waiting Game – Sines, Portugal 

  1. Jan Recknell-Turner October 21, 2015 — 12:05 pm

    How many more things will you lose. How do you sort out new phone and what is a sun shower?


  2. I am not a sailor but I see a sailing boat called the Tudor Rose, Dun Laoiraigh tied at the Grand Harbour @ Vittorioso, Malta and just wonder if you are one and the same? Good luck who ever and wherever you are.


    1. Hi Joe, We are in Gran Canaria and have never been to Malta so not us sorry. We are heading to the Caribbean. Good luck with whatever you are doing please feel free to share our blog with other sailors & friends 🙂 Holly


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