Moving Day……..

So its been a while since we have updated the blog so we are having to do this a few days after the event, and we are currently laying in bed in the fwd cabin being rocked gently in Plymouth!.

Moving day was pretty eventful so much to do and little time to do it, including emergency builder visits and short notice cementing to get rid of some damp and laying down ripped carpets on top of reducing our worldly possessions accumulated over 30 years to a few bags for the boat! ……when I say a few bags you will shortly see some photos which may not support this claim!

Anyway we said our goodbyes to Bristol & made it down to Portland Marina about 7pm on Friday, only to find the boat repairers had forgot to leave the keys for us! … all rectified by 1 phone & a 30 min wait! Keys in hand we were able to get all our stuff on board, but then we realised that there was actually not room to move! …. so Saturday morning was spent offloading more stuff to whoever we could!!!!

A big massive thank you to everyone that helped, in particularly Carrie Anne Woods for doing lots of cleaning, Nick, Matt, Bev, Baz, Paul & Jan for helping move our stuff & for hoarding some of it for us until our return.

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1 thought on “Moving Day……..

  1. Jan Recknell-Turner August 6, 2015 — 10:24 am

    Gosh already in Plymouth. How long for?


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