Plymouth – Fowey – Falmouth (44 Miles)

So with our 4th crew member (Chris) in toe, with his local knowledge, we set off on a walking mission over plymouth to get some more admin done for the trip. It turns out that everywhere we get to, and moor up we have a grand total of about 90 seconds to relax before we remember we have a huge amount to achieve, very much looking forward to the days where we can sit on our arses in the sun, if the sun ever comes out.

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Plymouth – Fowey (22 miles / 5 hours)

We set off at 2pm today to finally a calm exit from a port, well up until the Plymouth breakwater until once again it reverted back to a horrendous 40 minutes until we were well clear of the entrance to Plymouth. The wind was excellent for the day, so up went the sails and a course was set and we sailed for the next 4 hours until we reached the entrance to Fowey. This was the furthest West we had sailed and to the first port that was new to us so we were excited. Entering Fowey was just like any other picturesque south west port we had arrived in, until we spotted the top of a huge ugly block of flats, on rounding a bend it turned out to be a gargantuan cruise ship, somewhat spoiling our peaceful sailing lifestyle. So much for the quite night out in town tonight……We rafted up alongside what can only be described as the biggest knob we have met so far (only because he asked for us to keep the cute scrumpy dog off his boat…..must have been his tone). We popped into town for a drink and settled in for the early morning.

Fowey – Falmouth (22 miles / 5 hours)

So with the tides slipping an hour a day, it meant either leave Fowey late evening or early morning. We decided on the early, for some stupid reason, so up at 5 for a quick scrumpy excursion ashore for the usual, then back to the boat to untie the lines at 6am, ensuring I stomped loudly over the nice gentleman’s boat we were moored to, for his earlier scrumpy comments. As a change from normality the water was still and perfectly flat without so much as a ripple, leaving the Fowey enterance with the sun rising was pretty amazing, it did mean for the first hour we had so motor until we were off land, but it did allow 2 crew members to sleep in until about 9:30!!!!!! I will leave you to guess the 2…… Once off land, it gave us a good chance to practice sailing with the wind behind us for the first time this trip, wind was low, but with a good bit of tweaking we managed to get up some good speed which was good. On arriving at the entrance to Falmouth we were met by a number of Naval ships, turns out these would come in handy 🙂 We slipped into a Marina and were told how extremely busy it would get in preparation for Falmouth week, turns out we barely saw anyone over the coming days. It was nice to arrive somewhere at 11:30 and still have a full day to enjoy for once……with nothing to do!

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