Photos 2

Some photos from our never ending stay at La Rochelle, which go with the blog post

Epic Dhobi (Washing) Day


Wondering around La Rochelle main town (3 & half hr walk) & a well deserved beer at the end of it


The worlds biggest Marina & we were furthest from the town, 3300 berths available!!!!!


Some poor chaps yacht that was blown over during the gales……


Bus wankers on Date Night, a beer bigger than Holly’s pea head & a giant seafood platter!



Educating Lord Scrumpington on Christianity at La Rochelle Cathedral, the stain glass windows were amaze balls!

IMG_0068   IMG_0063        IMG_0066

Bike wankers cycle to the Supermarche, followed by moral in the form of a dirty fatty crispy bit of Bbq pork heaven


The ridiculous track of our second attempt of leaving LR when we were attacked by a giant fishing trawler!



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