Ummm…..not long to go.

Well, finally got round to finishing setting up the blog, probably mostly a way for Holly and I to record everything we do on this trip, but Im sure some people will use it to see what adventures we are up to, even if it is just my mum. A shock to the system was realising there is 4 weeks 4 days to go until we will be setting off from Portland, for the short, but significant first leg down to our old favourite Salcombe Harbour. 4 weeks 4 days………32 days….umm I think we both have way to much stuff left to do, but from tomorrow we will both have our notices in to join the unemployment line, and then there really is no going back.

The boat is coming along, close to being our trusty home for the future or at least until we miss this bristol life too much, not too sure when that will be, but hopefully not too soon. So…..the Pirate Bunting is completed, wind turbine up, ridiculously expensive sat phone purchased, repairs close to finish after 9 weeks of waiting for the w*@%^!s to do the work, engine services and life saving equipment prepped, now it is just the more homely comforts that we need to get ready to make our lives as lush as possible, but if we achieve 1 thing a day for the next 32 days, we will be damn close to ready.

Anyway, until next week. Also the dilemma of whether to take this legend is killing us….

Sir Scrumpington the third of Winterfell!
Sir Scrumpington the third of Winterfell!

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