The lovely La Coruna

Cedeira – La Coruna

So finally un-tying from the live saving buoy that had housed us for part of the last 8 days was a great feeling, we were up early to get to La Coruna with plenty of day left. The swell still hadn’t died off completely but it was bearable, the wind was not great either but we were happy to be underway. With a mix of sailing and motoring in the rain and sun, we finally rounded the headland so we could see the huge breakwater. Then as a grace of god the sun came out in full force, we dodged our way past huge shipping containers and what we thought was a military frigate…..and finally into the lovely looking marina.

What a relief, we were so f$@%£*g happy to see a pontoon with electricity and water, it felt like such a high, especially as the sun was beaming. We happily (For the first time in 8 days) took Scrumpy for a long walk along a promanard to a little beach with clear blue water. It was so nice to see a bit of different scenery, after so long stcuk in one place, its amazing how the little things change everything, we couldn’t stop grinning. We watched 7 guys in wetsuits get in the sea at the beach, who eventually must have swam about 3 miles, far play to them, the short walk had almost killed us….we heading back to the marina for a long hot overdue shower, and a porcelain toilet…..We met a few nice people during our stay, seemed like the further down/round Spain we got we were meeting lots of like minded Brits, the first couple, around 50, had done what we were doing 20 years ago, going all around the world taking them 5 years in total, with 3 kids as well, they had gone through the Panama canal, across the Pacific Ocean and settled in Thailand for a year, before heading home….past Somalia, not sure we can do that these days. We popped into town, a short walk from the marina (lucky as we ended up doing it numerous times a day) it was amazing, it was buzzing with restaurants, shops, bars, people and ……..Burger King! This is exactly what was needed, normally we don’t like large commercial places, but in this instance it was just what we needed after over a week in the arse end of nowhere. We indulged ourselves from Friday to the Monday, we did all the boat and personal admin that we had a huge backlog of, including3 loads of washing, it machine that actually worked this time. The sun shone all weekend, Holly painted away, we went to the beach, for about 3 minutes before the sandy hyper Scrumpy was to much for us, we had a Chinese, 2 kebabs, and a Burger King, the boat diet is still going well…..We also met Hillary and Dave on Dewdrop, who lived on there boat during every summer, they took an instant shine to us, as they used to have to little Scrumpy look alikes, who had recently died, so they couldn’t get enough of him. They even invited him on board, to look around leaving Holly on the pontoon 🙂
Monday was my birthday….See Boat life quickie (Birthday Boy). It was a the holiday away from our adventure that was just what we needed, and what we thought La Rochelle would be, it had been amazing, which left us on top of the world for the next stage of the journey.

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