La Coruna – Laxe (Spain)

La Coruna – Laxe
We left La Coruna on Tue 22 Sep at 07:30hrs and it was still dark, reminded me of getting up for work in the morning in the winter except this time it wasn’t cold. I felt a sigh of relief that this winter will be spent living in paradise in the Caribbean, with dog walks along the beach watching the sunset instead the usual early mornings in awful traffic to work & freezing cold pitch black dog walks in Victoria Park! 

We sailed about half way but again the wind was playing up, one minute it was there next minute it was gone so we motored the second half. We arrived a Laxe a little anchorage with a long stretch of white sandy beach & a long line of multicoloured littles houses & buildings behind the beach leading up into the hills. It looked lush & the water was lovely and clear, Scrump Doggy Dog must have been impressed because as soon as he spotted the beach he started squeaking by the swim platform, which is now the boat alternative to whinging at the front door to go out! 

We enjoyed a number of walks along that beach and found a friendly little cafe with very good wifi so we could update the blog. We also used it as an opportunity to start researching the Caribbean and finding out what the proceed was for importing animals as this starts to get pretty complicated once you leave the EU. Luckily our sources put us in touch with a lovely lady called Wendy who had already taken her dog across the Atlantic and was the font of all knowledge which was excellent for us. We stayed here for one night on the anchor and set off to continue our way down the ‘Coast of Death’ ……keep tuned in to find out more! 



2 thoughts on “La Coruna – Laxe (Spain)

  1. Jan Recknell-Turner September 29, 2015 — 8:16 am

    Thought you were sending poor Scrumpy home from Canaries. Such a long trip across Atlantic for him. What if he gets I’ll on the trip? I worry for him, he is so lovely.


    1. He’ll be fine loads of people take dogs, what are the chances of him being ill! It’s only 3 weeks so not that long


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