Laxe – Muxia (Spain)

Laxe – Muxia

It wasn’t very far from Laxe to Muxia, only about 20 miles so we left late afternoon (we are not good at early mornings!!!). Again we sailed briefly and then the wind did a disappearing act, so back to the noisy motor! The engine seems really smokey lately but we’re keeping an eye on it. We arrived early evening in a desolate marina, we have decided to pop into one at least every few days so we can have keep the batteries & water topped up. Plus we are not complete hippies & want to enjoy our adventure so we can afford it. There were only a couple of other yachts here & they didn’t have anyone onboard so were maybe there ready for the winter. ScrumpleStiltSkin & me went off to do a ‘recci’ of the town and found a local butchers so I treated us to some fillet steaks for tea. After dinner we had planned to go for a drink in a bar which was just a funny little shack in the marina car park, but we ended up reading some more on which Caribbean Islands we can take Scrumpy to. Plus we had downloaded all the Caribbean & Panama maps for the GPS in Laxe so we wanted to start thinking about our route after St Lucia. We couldn’t be bother to move afterwards so we started a new TV series on the Laptop, called Dexter, gosh we are so rock n roll!!!! 

For once I actually woke up early, so got up & walked the rat bag while Simon slept. I was feeling in a very productive mood, which must have rubbed off on Simon as despite being tired he go up came to the supermarket with me. We bought lots of nice fruit for a breakfast fruit salad to keep away the scurvy (avoiding the pastries for a change) and I made an amazing banana cake from some old black bananas that were on their last legs…..& all this was completed before midday! 3 Customs officers popped in for a visit with the usual questions, nothing exciting really. There wasn’t really much going in Muxia so we decided that we may as well save the cash for a ‘gucci’ marina and moved on further down the coast…. which turned out to be a very good decision!!!!! 



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